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As I sit here in the room that, when given enough free time, will become the project room that I dream of, I look around and feel somewhat overwhelmed.  There is so much here that needs to be organized before making progress.  I want so much to have this room hit with the magic wand, and it be completed before my eyes.  Instead, there must be some planning & time management.


Here’s a rough idea of everything that must be done….

* Go through the supplies given, get them organized

* Wallpaper and paint

* Move the remaining supplies & furniture over from mom’s house

* Make the peg board wall

* Figure out a new display for all of my running medals

* Decorate with fun stuff

* Decide how to decorate the laundry room side


I have a few ideas in mind of what I would like to decorate with.  I don’t want it to feel too cluttered, but some things like neat lamps, mirrors & art on the walls are just some of the things I am thinking of.

The wallpaper has officially arrived.  It is such a fun, unique, and bright selection!  It turns out, I know NOTHING about wallpapering.  So, enter research mode.  Ultimately, I also need to find an appropriate paint to go on the other walls.  I’m still undecided if I want to go with bold walls or clean white walls.

Another thing that needs to be worked on, is my camera.  I would like to start sharing the progress, however, the camera is in desperate need of a checkup.  So, until then, you will have to use your imaginations on exactly what is going on in here (that may be a better thing, until I get it presentable enough to really share the progress).

Time wise, it is looking like I will be able to fully accomplish everything by Spring Break.  I’ve got a few consecutive days off that, if planned appropriately, can be used at maximum production.

Off to go get some progress on this checklist!

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