To bed I said

When presented with an opportunity to redecorate, do you get as excited as I do?  I have not only been working diligently on my project room, but also have been purchasing bedding for our new bed that is arriving very soon.

Shopping for fun bedding is surely not a chore!  I spent the day yesterday touching the fabric, exploring new colors & designs, and looking for bargains.  I managed to find a few options with some colors that I would not generally go for.  Typically, I tend to lean more towards the clean white look in everything.  There is something about crisp white sheets that makes me swoon.  However in the real world, I have discovered that white does not always stay as crisp as I would like.

When registering for wedding gifts, I found my husbands dislike of white linens as well.  He kept leaning towards more obscure colors like dusty rose or coral.  I steered away from that, for the pure sake that those are not colors I have ever worked with.  Now, I enjoy corals & rusts, just not in a room, or so I thought (more on that below). When we were registering, I pushed to get more beach inspired colors.  We ended up with a beautiful ocean teal & a cerulean blue for our master bathroom towels, as well as our bedding.

Do not get me wrong, I LOVE our current color scheme, however I found myself looking at the very color my husband was leaning toward so many months ago.  I’m starting to think he may know more than he eludes about design.  I refuse to give him all the credit, and I don’t even know if he even likes it yet, as he is in road warrior mode, traveling for business.

I have never had a difficult time finding things I like in West Elm.  It doesn’t hurt when they are having a sale.  What I managed to put together while in the store is a new look that I am hoping we can pull off in our bedroom.  The duvet has it’s own washing & drying instructions as to make sure the crinkled fabric maintains it’s shape.  What I am hoping for is for it to not always look like the bed is a mess (** yes, I admit, we don’t always make the bed**).  It is a beautiful orchid pink/coral color, almost dusty rose.  The sheets are a bright ivory with the same color as the duvet design on it.  They are an organic cotton, that when touched, feels very soft….for now.  I am a person who truly indulges in the feel of soft sheets, so I am hoping that these only get softer as they are washed, and do not lose that feel.  I have heard from many different places, that organic cotton is often softer than non-organic.  I hope that this new option turns out to be our favorite.

For now, they sit in the bag until I receive full approval & we receive the bed.  I can’t wait to see everything put together, with accent pillows and a new look all together!

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