Imaginary Lane

Do you ever imagine your most ideal place to live?  The way your perfect house looks, the destination it is in, the style, the people in it, the people nearby?

I dream about the most stunning one story home that is clean & crisp with bright sunshine coming through the windows.  The decor is on trend and super stylish – yet, still comfortably livable.  The location is somewhere that the weather is always gorgeous, sunny & warm yet just cool enough in the shade to escape the heat.  Someplace where you always want the windows open or to always be outside.

The kitchen would be large and beautiful.  Not the type of kitchen that has so many cabinets that you don’t know what to put in them, but type that everything has a place & everything in it gets utilized.  The best part of the kitchen would be the spot that my 4 best friends would always be sitting.  Each with their drink of choice….be it coffee, tea, or (if the case was necessary) a cocktail, at a beautiful kitchen table that is in the brightest corner of the room.  These ladies would live in the same cul de sac as me, with their own spectacular home that matches each of their personalities and needs.  My house would be the chosen location for our daily chats.  We would talk about our lives, our husbands, even our kids (real, future, & fur babies), while always laughing and being there for each other in every situation.  I picture even our outfits are the most stylish & these girls and I are always eating the yummiest of treats….while never getting FAT!

This neighborhood would be within a very close proximity to my hardworking husbands job.  He would come home every day for a healthy lunch & quality time with me.  Most days, he would return to work with sweets & treats, all made by me.  Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without him coming home to a clean house, laundry done & put away, and a delicious meal on the table.  There would always be something interesting to discuss about our days.

We would have a huge backyard with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.  The kids splashing in the pool while the adults laugh around the grill.  Sunset cocktail hours, weekend barbecues, dinner parties, bonfires, garden parties, & outdoor movie nights with our friends in the backyard would all be regular things.

But then, I wake up and realize it is simply just a dream.  My reality is the same as anyone else.  My husband and I are newly weds, “living the dream” in our little third floor condo on the Intracoastal Waterway of South Florida.  The decor is a mish-mosh of what we could find to fill the space.  There is no exact theme, and the furniture less than matches.  It works for us, but there is a definite need for a styling makeover.  There is no backyard, just a balcony.  There is no garden, just a lawn with a shared picnic table and charcoal grill.

Our lives consist of both working full time, on completely different schedules, and it seems we never have enough time together.  Is there ever really enough time in a day available to spend with the ones you love??  Our days off consist of cleaning the house & traveling when we can.  None of our friends live close enough to visit daily, and most of them live out of state.  We all have our own busy lives, that it is even difficult to not always be on catch-up mode with each of them.

This blog is meant to help me find small ways of making my dream come true.  Consider this my virtual “kitchen table”, as I introduce you to each important person in my life, work on projects, cook fun foods, and discuss the small goings on in my world.  It might not all be very exciting, but truth be told, real life is never 100% as perfect and exciting as you wish.

2 thoughts on “Imaginary Lane”

  1. I am so stinkin’ exciting! I am one of the lucky ones to call you my best friend and I am so excited for all of your new readers and friends to join in on your fabulousness!!!! You are an amazing friend and this will flourish! Love you Jilly!!

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